Learning Online

The Angel Teacher Training, Dragon Teacher Training, Unicorn Teacher Training and Transform Your Life Training can be taken online. This is ideal for those who are unable to travel or work out a specific set of dates.

Online learning enables you to learn in the comfort of your space.


How does it work?

Sessions are delivered over Skype/Zoom live calls in a one-to-one setting. The sessions are scheduled mutually. A session lasts for approx. 2 hours.

Is there a difference in what is taught online vs in person learning?

These sessions have been designed for optimal learning via the online medium. The course content remains the same for online and in person learning.

Please note that online learning is to learn one-to-one and at your own pace. Guidelines for optimal learning experience will be shared. Please get in touch to start a conversation about taking the Online Teacher Training.

Want to get started?

Email – surabhi.kalsi@gmail.com