A Guide to help you take the first steps to get started with your “calling” based career

As a teacher trainer, one of the questions I get asked often is How do I get started? I feel called to become an Angel Teacher or a Unicorn Teacher or a Healer, I feel that this is what I need to do. But how and where do I begin?

It is important for your wellbeing to find alignment between your soul calling, your work and the way you live your life. Many hours are spent on your career or work in a day. It’s a big part of your life and it is important that you love what you do.

It can seem daunting to make a change especially when you have trained for a different mainstream career, when your current career is your source of abundance even if you don’t love what you do anymore or perhaps never did. But we were not told to choose our careers based on what we loved. Traditionally it was based on other things like prestige, income, family tradition, cultural conditioning etc. 

So it is completely okay to feel and address that nagging feeling that’s telling you to make a change.

Setting your Intention

Stating your intention is a powerful way to direct your energies into the direction you wish to go. You can follow your own unique way of doing this, you can use the following as an example.

I hold the intention of following through with my soul guidance. I am willing to create space in my life, take action steps that are needed to bring my soul desire into my reality. I know that I am supported by the Universe as we co-create this experience.

Check in with yourself

Often what is reflected back at us is what is within us. Our beliefs create our reality. As always your beliefs will drive this experience for you. Look at your beliefs and change what does not feel right and is a limiting belief.

Do I believe that I can do the work I love and it can be a source of my abundance?

Do I have the courage to take a step even if I don’t know how it will pan out?

Do I trust my guidance?

Am I ready to make this commitment and have the patience to Grow on my path?

Do I believe that I can charge for my work based on service or spirituality or a “hobby”?

Looking for the “blessings” of your current career/work/situation

Nothing happens by chance in this Universe. Your current career has contributed to your life in many ways. It has helped you hone many skills, experience growth and taught you many things. It is a part of your story. 

Look at and make a list of what your strengths are and the skills you have perfected in your current career/work. Make a list of at least five blessings of your current career/your training or education. 

Look at “marrying” your skill set

Now look at what are the things, skills and advantages that I have because of my current career/training/work that can help me in developing my soul based or conscious work/business? 

For example, I am good at coding and the skills needed to build an effective online presence. This can help me greatly in building an online business, reaching out to people, leveraging an online business model.

Another example could be, I have create writing skills thanks to my current career and I can start a blog to express my soul calling and reach out to people. 

Your current career can help you take that first step. It will help you create your own signature style, your secret sauce, your own unique expression. The people in your current network thanks to your work could be your first audience.

Finding your balance 

You don’t need to make a drastic change. Make a comfortable change. The definition of comfortable change could be different for everyone. You may not have to worry about a stable income and can switch over to starting from the scratch with your soul calling based career. You may want to keep your current career going as it is the primary source of your income and start on the side with your new career. This is different for everyone. Find that balance and set time aside to spend it on developing your new career.

For example, you may reduce your working hours in your current business if you can, or work on your days off on your new career by perhaps learning new skills, taking a training that is needed for you to start your work, working on yourself, having a spiritual practice etc

Phasing out

On the path of following your soul calling, you will be supported along the way. You will have access to the resources that can help you, you will grow as an individual and you will contribute to the growth of others. As you will move forward, things that are no longer needed will phase out almost organically. You will feel the Power that supports you when you live a life in alignment with your soul guidance.

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“If you believe in me, I will believe in you too” – Here’s why I believe in Angels


I first discovered angels rather unintentionally, at a time in my life when I was busy chasing name, fame and building a fashion business. I was not religious, didn’t believe in rituals and was least interested in spirituality. In fact I did not differentiate between religion and spirituality. It was all the same – not a part of my world.

A friend of mine mentioned an angel card reader and it got me curious. I had heard of angels but they were frozen in time, art and architecture. I had never heard of angel card readings. Before I could dismiss it as a speculative activity, my curiosity got the better of me and I booked an appointment to experience this for myself. I don’t remember much of the reading but it opened the door to something far greater in my life. I found it to be an empowering belief to know that powerful guardians are looking over me as I navigate the ups and downs of my life. I started reading about angels with the intention of connecting with them. Over the years, the angels have become a voice so distinct and clear – they are the voice in my head. I have developed my clairvoyance and I have seen them as sparks of light, orbs, flashes and silhouettes with wings.

I believe in angels and there are so many ways in which they have touched my life –

1/ The angels are always there to guide and protect me.  I am never alone. This belief has helped me find the courage to go beyond my fears and live my life from a space of faith, empowerment and adventure. I have traveled alone, across the world, I have taken risks and I have followed my heart un-apologetically.

2/ The Angels have helped me connect with myself. I do not need to go to any other person to seek advice, permission or validation. I just need to connect with my own inner voice and that’s all I need. When my actions are driven from this space of peace and wisdom, I am living a life that is more authentic and less desperate. Only I know what’s best for me.

3/ The angels have taken lack and despair out of my life. This has given me great strength in times of loss of a loved one and a higher perspective – we don’t ever lose anything as we don’t own anything.

4/ They have taught me to have faith and patience. There is a higher perspective to every situation; they have shown me that beyond the clouds the sky is always blue. Its been a challenging process to understand and accept this when I am right in the middle of being dis-empowered and miserable but the angels have always had patience with me. And faith that one day I will get it.

5/ They have taught me to love myself. I prioritize myself, nurture myself, pamper myself, praise myself, motivate myself – I have learnt to be kind to myself. I discovered that I was so judgmental and unforgiving with myself. I was always trying to confine to a standard or expected way of life. When I let go of that and followed my heart, I let go of the struggle  – a fish cannot be a rose.

6/ I often get caught up in the good or bad, right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. The angels always ask – Who decides? Is it the society, the culture or the collective consciousness? Who have you given your Power away to? They have taught me that to get an authentic answer you must ask an authentic question. The answer will set you free.

7/ They have given me a sense of wonder. I have witnessed what I can only call the magical and the extraordinary. Once I opened myself up to them, they have made it possible for me to see them. My human eyes can’t see them but then they guided me to click pictures and through the camera lens I have seen orbs floating around me, vibrating with energy.

8/ They have taught me to stand up for myself and build a life that is a reflection of what my soul truly desires. It’s not a one-time thing but a constant ongoing process of alignment to my life purpose and to what makes my heart sing.

9/ “Speak your truth” has been their constant guidance. In any situation, in any relationship always speak your truth. Not what is right or what is acceptable or what the other wants to hear. I DON’T need to be agreeable, nice or give in to please someone. They have taught me to own each and every aspect of me – anger, guilt, aggression, grief, loss, desperation – I am everything. And I have the right to express it all.

10/ They have taught me to let it be. Not let go nor hold on but let it be. When my mind is full of questions and I can’t make my peace with a situation – I just let it be. And in time I do get my answers or the answers don’t matter anymore.

They are love and they have taught me to live from a space of love – where a reaction transforms into a response, judgment transforms into allowance, fear transforms into faith, blame transforms into taking responsibility. They have helped me to recognize the voice of ego and my inner voice and to accept that they are both a part of me. I will always have a choice and I hope I always choose love.


Five ways an Angel card reading can help you


Angels are everywhere. Every person has guardian angels that are there to assist them through their journey on planet earth. Along with the guardian angels, there are many angels and archangels that are making their presence felt on earth. The angels are happy to assist in every way – from finding your life purpose to finding a suitable parking spot; no task is too big or too small for them. If it holds significance for you, it would hold significance for them and they will treat each request equally. However, angels will never interfere in your life. They will only help if you ask them to as they respect the Law of free will. As the consciousness of our planet rises, more and more people are awakening to the power and presence of angels.

What is an angel card reading?

An angel card reading is done using oracle cards and is one of the ways to receive messages from the angels. The cards on their own do not carry any fixed meaning and can hold different meanings for different people. They are a medium to receive messages from the angelic realm.

Angel card readings can be done for self-analysis, guidance and finding direction. Angel messages are always positive and uplifting. Angels are not fortune-tellers.

Here are five ways an angel card reading can help you –

Asking for clarity

Use the angel cards to ask the angels to bring you more clarity about any situation or relationship. When you ask the angels for help, they will send you signs. Follow any persistent feelings, thoughts, ideas that come to you during and after the reading. Act on your guidance even if it doesn’t make “sense” or doesn’t seem logical.

Weighing different options

If you find yourself at a crossroad and don’t know which way to go, a reading can help you look at the alternatives and choose the path most suitable to you. You may seek guidance about your career, life purpose and priorities.

Bringing awareness to deal with challenges

The angels will help you look at the higher perspective. If you feel burdened, stuck or challenged, an angel card reading can help you look for the hidden influences, lessons and patterns that you need to work upon. Once they bring this to your awareness, you will gain a different perspective and understanding that will help you cope better and be solution oriented.

A daily message

You may form a rewarding daily ritual of picking a single card with an intention. You can do this reading every morning to get any messages about how the day will unfold and what your guidance is for the day ahead.

Positivity and inspiration

You can use angel cards to bring in the positive uplifting energies of angels into your life. You can create an altar or a sacred space/spot in your home with the cards. The images of the archangels and angels carry their vibrations.

Angel FAQ – Who are angels and how to work with them


What/Who are Angels? Where are they from? Are they real or a myth? How can I see them? Do they really have wings? Are they available for everyone or for a chosen few? How can I connect with them? Will I be able to see them?

Questions, questions, questions! When one hears of Angels, the mind is full of questions. We are so attuned to using our mind, thinking everything through – using logical premise and deductions in our everyday lives and professional avatars. The world of Angels is available and accessible to everyone who wishes to connect with them. In order to work with the angels, you must open your heart and hold the intention of connecting with them. As you do this you will raise your frequency, develop your intuition and inner knowing and you will know with certainty that the angels are with you.

Who are Angels?

Angels are higher dimensional light beings. They have great power and can be present at multiple locations at the same time. Simply put, the angels are messengers of God.

Where do they come from?

The angels come from the seventh dimension. A dimension is like a frequency band on a radio.  We on earth live on the third dimension. As we raise our frequency and vibrations, it becomes easier to connect with and receive messages from the angels.

What do angels look like?

The angels have been depicted with wings in many paintings and sculptures from the past. Their illuminated bright aura gives the appearance of wings and that’s one of the ways they have chosen to appear to us. Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency and in order to make themselves visible to us they may appear as flashes of light, in the form of orbs, as a thought, a vision, a perfume, a gentle comforting presence. This depends on an individual’s perception abilities and vibrations.

How can I work with the angels?

You need to ASK the angels to help you because they respect the LAW OF FREE WILL.  Angels can be present in multiple locations at the same time. No issue is too small or big as they are here to help in any way they can. So don’t hesitate to call upon them anytime, anywhere and for anything. Your Angels are ever willing to connect with you.

The angels never interfere with our lives unless it’s a life threatening situation and it’s not your time to go yet. The first step is to acknowledge their presence and ask for their help. A simple sentence like – “Dear Angels please be with me and guide me. Thank you.” Is enough to bring angels by your side. The angels almost always communicate and answer through the senses ( eg. though– any recurring thoughts, intuition must be followed even if it doesn’t make sense at that point of time. It is divine guidance coming from the angels. The angelic energy is very pure and uplifting and in time you will be able to discern and know that they are guiding you.

Tuning into our creative intuitive sense makes it easier to connect with the angels. Some people open up to see angels – this is CLAIRVOYANCE. Some people open up to hear them directly and can listen to their messages – this is CLAIR AUDIENCE. For those who can sense their presence – this is CLAIR-SENTIENCE. Others just know – this is CLAIR-COGNIZANCE.


To get you started on this beautiful journey, here is a simple prayer to connect with your guardian angel. Guardian angels are in charge of our well being and are always present with us, looking out for us. Your guardian angel is unique to you.

Angel of God

My guardian dear

To Whom God’s love

Commits me here

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide.




Five things that will help you carve out a conscious career out of your “calling”

ben-white-147268 (1)

We live in interesting times. Today we have the resources, opportunities and the reach to create work that we love. The traditional frameworks of a respectable job, business practices, titles and hierarchies are dissolving and consciousness is rising. The world is in need of more artists, mavericks, healers and visionaries. It is interesting to observe that so many people are quitting traditional jobs and careers to carve free flowing work that is their calling.

Work is no longer just a means to pay bills or even an achievement but more of an expression of one’s self with an element of service and purpose. Here are five things you need to look at that will help you carve out a rewarding conscious career out of what you know is an expression of your calling.

Identifying Personal Values

What are your personal values? Your values could be freedom, creativity, growth, happiness, contribution etc. In the most simplistic way – What makes you happy? What makes you thrive? What’s important to you in life? Make a list of your personal values and narrow them down to a top ten. This way you will arrive at your core values from your interests and not the “should” values that may or may not be in sync with you. Base your working style and goals around your personal values.

Identifying the Core Values of your work

Work is not just work, it’s a relationship. You will be investing many hours of your life in this important relationship. A career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life. It is a long standing relationship and you need to build a strong foundation. Look at the core values here. The most rewarding relationships are based on two core values – passion and commitment. Is your work something you can do 24 by 7? Does it excite you and in spite of the setbacks your commitment to your work is unshakable? With passion and commitment you can excel and when you excel, money follows you. That is how abundant, high consciousness businesses are built – where money, name and recognition are the by-products. They will come to you, they need not be chased.

Service, Spirit and Contribution

Make Service one of the core values of your business and ask yourself the question – How can I be of service? How am I contributing to the world? You could be of service with your art, with your blog, with your kindness – today you can reach out to people in a big way through social media, you can make a global impact – geography, country or culture is no longer a limitation.

Everything is part magic. And when you open yourself and your work up to the Spirit – you allow something bigger, something beyond the limitations of your mind, to guide you.  The Spirit/Source/Universe can be tapped in to help you create resources, find the right people for your work, help you reach the people who can benefit from your services and so much more. Do your bit to the best of your ability and open the rest up to the Spirit! Partner up with the Universe.

Skill Set and personal imprint

Are you trained and capable to the highest standards of integrity and quality? Do you need to learn more, attend any training, and get a certification that will help you in a meaningful way? For example – As an online entrepreneur, you need to know social media. Almost all businesses have an online presence today. Keep yourself up to date with the changes and the new skills in the market. You may or may not do everything on your own but you need to be able to do everything on your own! You need to know the inside out of your work as you are the Brand – the values and ethos of your work. A personal touch and attention to detail always show up.

Set up Systems and Outsource

Set up systems for most tasks. Today it is easier to schedule, manage and collate information be it mailing lists, social media posts, client information etc. with the help of websites and software that are a blessing for an entrepreneur. You can run most things from your phone. As you grow and add people to your team, it will be easier if you already have systems in place – you may go the non-traditional way and hire people as and when you need. You may hire from any country and outsource as required.

You start by taking one step at a time, you don’t know what’s coming up and you don’t know how the journey will be. Your work will take on a life of its own and take you places. Stay focused, stay relevant and allow the magic to unfold.

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