Angel FAQ – Who are angels and how to work with them


What/Who are Angels? Where are they from? Are they real or a myth? How can I see them? Do they really have wings? Are they available for everyone or for a chosen few? How can I connect with them? Will I be able to see them?

Questions, questions, questions! When one hears of Angels, the mind is full of questions. We are so attuned to using our mind, thinking everything through – using logical premise and deductions in our everyday lives and professional avatars. The world of Angels is available and accessible to everyone who wishes to connect with them. In order to work with the angels, you must open your heart and hold the intention of connecting with them. As you do this you will raise your frequency, develop your intuition and inner knowing and you will know with certainty that the angels are with you.

Who are Angels?

Angels are higher dimensional light beings. They have great power and can be present at multiple locations at the same time. Simply put, the angels are messengers of God.

Where do they come from?

The angels come from the seventh dimension. A dimension is like a frequency band on a radio.  We on earth live on the third dimension. As we raise our frequency and vibrations, it becomes easier to connect with and receive messages from the angels.

What do angels look like?

The angels have been depicted with wings in many paintings and sculptures from the past. Their illuminated bright aura gives the appearance of wings and that’s one of the ways they have chosen to appear to us. Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency and in order to make themselves visible to us they may appear as flashes of light, in the form of orbs, as a thought, a vision, a perfume, a gentle comforting presence. This depends on an individual’s perception abilities and vibrations.

How can I work with the angels?

You need to ASK the angels to help you because they respect the LAW OF FREE WILL.  Angels can be present in multiple locations at the same time. No issue is too small or big as they are here to help in any way they can. So don’t hesitate to call upon them anytime, anywhere and for anything. Your Angels are ever willing to connect with you.

The angels never interfere with our lives unless it’s a life threatening situation and it’s not your time to go yet. The first step is to acknowledge their presence and ask for their help. A simple sentence like – “Dear Angels please be with me and guide me. Thank you.” Is enough to bring angels by your side. The angels almost always communicate and answer through the senses ( eg. though– any recurring thoughts, intuition must be followed even if it doesn’t make sense at that point of time. It is divine guidance coming from the angels. The angelic energy is very pure and uplifting and in time you will be able to discern and know that they are guiding you.

Tuning into our creative intuitive sense makes it easier to connect with the angels. Some people open up to see angels – this is CLAIRVOYANCE. Some people open up to hear them directly and can listen to their messages – this is CLAIR AUDIENCE. For those who can sense their presence – this is CLAIR-SENTIENCE. Others just know – this is CLAIR-COGNIZANCE.


To get you started on this beautiful journey, here is a simple prayer to connect with your guardian angel. Guardian angels are in charge of our well being and are always present with us, looking out for us. Your guardian angel is unique to you.

Angel of God

My guardian dear

To Whom God’s love

Commits me here

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide.




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