Diana Cooper – Angel Teacher Training

Surabhi with Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper School of White Light was set up by Diana Cooper  in the UK and now the School has a global presence. Surabhi is a teacher trainer/Master Teacher authorised to hold Angel Teacher Training, Transform Your Life Teacher Training and Unicorn Teacher Training. These trainings are conducted online and in person.

Do you want to be a spiritual teacher?

Have you experienced the presence of angels and you wish to teach about them?

Do you feel you want to contribute to your and others self growth?

Do you want to create a fulfilling career out of your calling?

Do you feel guided that this is the next step in your journey of spiritual growth?

Are you looking for a solid foundation to build a rewarding career based on your life purpose?

You are already a healer/spiritual teacher and want to add on to the services you provide?

You are an individual who wishes to carve a conscious career out of your calling?

You are looking for teaching tools, support and a community of like minded people?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then this training is for you!

Find yourself and your calling through the Angels. Experience this learning for your self growth and/or spread the light to others by becoming an angel teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. You can run your own workshops anywhere in the world.

As the consciousness of our planet is rising, more and more people are opening up to their spiritual aspect and more and more people are following their “calling.” I believe that the angels will guide you every step of the way.

To know more about Surabhi please visit www.surabhi-kalsi.com

If you would like to have a chat about the trainings or have any questions please connect with Surabhi at surabhi.kalsi@gmail.com or use the contact form. Whatsapp only – +91 9920100123

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About the Training


The Diana Cooper School of White Light has a global presence. It was founded by Diana Cooper in 2002 in the UK. In addition to being a one of a kind school for spiritual teachers, the DCSWL is also an ever-growing international community. The course curriculum is updated at regular intervals. As part of the DCSWL you will feel a sense of belonging and you will have a support system to empower you and guide you on your path as a spiritual teacher.


This training will provide you with a solid foundation to run your own workshops and spread your light with Angels. During this 9 day training (3 days Teacher Training Module + 6 days Angel Module), you will be taught a very comprehensive curriculum that will enable you to infuse your creativity into designing different workshops. You will learn

  • to work on your own personal development
  • to build self confidence and prepare as a teacher
  • communication skills and teaching skills and tools
  • how to give workshops in a professional manner
  • a framework for developing your own workshops
  • how to manage groups and individual clients
  • to create your own teaching material – visualizations, exercises etc.
  • to design the workshop(s), sample workshops
  • the 12 chakra system
  • in a practical, experiential and hands on manner

You will receive very comprehensive manuals, certification and continuous support and guidance as a part of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.

To know more about the course content, fees and upcoming training dates please contact Surabhi at surabhi.kalsi@gmail.com or use the contact form.

Surabhi at Glastonbury


Surabhi was introduced to the angelic realm in 2006. She had many experiences with the angels and has caught many orbs in her photographs. She was moved and inspired by her experiences that made her think out of the box and expand her understanding of the world and the Universe. Becoming a teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light provided her a safe framework and a strong foundation to develop her work and life path. She is honoured to be a Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School and is committed to spreading awareness about the angels. To know more about her and her work visit www.surabhi-kalsi.com

I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on this rewarding transformational Journey!

Angel Blessings



Learn to connect with the Unicorns, read Unicorn cards and create different workshops to teach about them.


Learn about your beliefs and how they shape your reality. Learn about the spiritual laws that impact the way you experience life. Law of Attraction is one of the SPIRITUAL LAWS.


Learn about the different types of Dragons and how they can work with us in clearing our energies, healing, spiritual growth and raising the consciousness of our planet.

All these trainings certify you as a Diana Cooper School of White Light Teacher. For more details please get in touch at surabhi.kalsi@gmail.com

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